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— The Arché Duo —

Irina Solinas and Ceren Türkmenoğlu have established reputations as innovative musical artists in their respective home countries of Italy and Turkey. Coming from classical backgrounds, they are also passionate about world music, including folk traditions from Turkey, Italy, and Central Asia. Their musical vision moves beyond existing categories and genres, celebrates hybridity and cultural fusion, and pursues a new ground for music. 

Irina’s and Ceren’s paths first crossed in 2018, at the Global Musicianship Workshop by the Silk Road Ensemble, an ensemble that was founded by the renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Their shared enthusiasm for classical and world-music soon led to collaborations at various music festivals around Europe and ultimately to the formation of this duo. 


Core principles of the Duo: 

  • A holistic approach to music  – embracing music as a global expression transcending borders, cultures, time-periods, and classifications.
  • Exhibiting a wide array of repertoire – bridging from early music to contemporary, and from traditional to classical.
  • Improvisation – creating a personal musical expression in performances.
  • Original music – performing compositions by the duo.
  • Timbral variety – featuring traditional and western classical instruments in performances.
  • Creating an interactive space with the audience through pre-concert talks and discussions. 
  • Collaborations – working with musicians and artists from other disciplines for specific projects.